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The Elevation Challenge. From the lowest to the highest point in Europe, fully under human power
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Big Chnage Blue

‘Every child has the potential to succeed and there are no excuses not to achieve that success’

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accelerating positive change for young people in the uk

We are raising money for Big Change because we believe in their ambition to accelerate positive change for young people across the UK. 

Innovative ideas that pioneer new ways of doing things can struggle to make an impact amongst the mainstream. Founded in 2010, Big change supports projects at their earliest stage, helping cutting-edge ideas punch through into the mainstream to create lasting positive change for young people in the uk. By providing funding, expertise, connections and mentorship, Big Change helps to turn the most innovate ideas into reality.

Big Change are supporting 21 Trust in piloting and scaling a new curriculum around speaking skills in schools. 21 Trust believe that the current education system is not equipping young people with the skills and values they need for success in the 21st century. One key area of focus is the need for effective speaking and communication skills which are vital for young people to find their voice, and Big Change is helping 21 Trust embark on a national campaign to increase focus on speaking skills in education



We are raising money for Big Change because we believe in the power of young people.  We’re from a state school background, and we know how important the non-academic skills like leadership, resilience, focus and determination are for achieving success. Big Change is playing a key role in equipping young people with the soft skills they need to go out and undertake their own challenges, whatever they may be.

It was important for us that we fully covered the cost of the elevation challenge through sponsorship. This means that the money we raise goes directly to our chosen charity Big Change. We have chosen to use Virgin Money giving because unlike some services, 100% of the money given goes directly to the charity. We and Big Change are very grateful for any supper you can give. To find out more information about Big Change check out their website here.

Thanks for all your support

– Ben, Erin and the Big Change team 🙂

sam branson

Ben and Erin represent exactly what we stand for at Big Change and we are proud that they will be flying our flag

Big Chnage Blue
Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving