The Elevation Challenge- | speaking
The Elevation Challenge. From the lowest to the highest point in Europe, fully under human power
Elbrus, Elevation Challenge, Big Change, Ben Treasure, Erin Duffy
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Elevation Challenge Speaking Presentations

Told through picture, words and film, this is the story of a 5,000km journey to the highest point in Europe.


130km every day for eight weeks, we cycled 5000km across Europe. Often in temperatures above 40C, we crossed 11 borders by bike to make it all the way from Rotterdam to Russia.


Two summit attempts on Mt Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. After battling through extreme conditions and temperatures below -30C we had to abort our summit bid at 5405m, 150 below the summit.

Motivation is critical to achieving success. Drawing on our expedition experience, we will share our insights into what is often a misunderstood topic. We talk through what motivation really is, how to get it, and how to keep it.

Working in a team is an essential skill, for life as well as for work. We share everything we’ve learnt from putting our relationship to the test for nine weeks, in some of the most extreme conditions on earth.

Determination is the ability to carry on when others can’t. Throughout the Elevation Challenge, we had to overcome barriers like injuries, dehydration, illness and temperature to be able to carry on and achieve our goal. We talk through how to cultivate determination to achieve your own dreams.

Take your audience on a journey to the highest point in Europe

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